E3 2011 EA Press Conference Live Blog!

EA Press Conference is now underway. Stay tuned to this post to receive up-to-the second news and announcements that will take place during the conference.

Refresh this article to receive live updates!

3:38PM – Mass Effect 3 trailer is now being shown. Release date is March 12, 2012.

3:42PM – Need for Speed : The Run announced. You will now be able to race away and run away (on foot) from the police. On-foot chases are acted through quick-time button sequences….I thought it would be similar to Mirror’s Edge (lets hope they announced a sequel to Mirror’s Edge). The game seems to have an actual storyline.

3:49PM – Star Wars : The Old Republic trailer is now being shown. Let’s just say epic!

3:52PM – New SSX trailer is now on. Showing the many different locations you will be able to snowboard. Release date is January 2012. Uses NASA Satellite data to allow you to explore almost all the world’s largest mountains… wooow!

3:56PM – Fifa 12 live demo being shown. New defending system, new player impact system (realistic player interactions and injuries), and new offensive control (allowing to control the pace of the game better and more accurately handle the soccer ball).

4:00PM – New EA Sports Football Club online server revealed. Will feature Experience Points (similar to achievements) that will be available cross-platform to all Fifa games beginning from Fifa 12. Also, EA will have competitions available through Football Club. Football Club will be a free service and will begin to be offered through Fifa 12.

4:04PM – Madden NFL 12 trailer is now being shown. New collision system and more advanced defensive system. New dynamic performance system will feature conscience within the players which will effect their performance throughout the game (especially after a big fumble). Release date is August 30 2011.

4:09PM – The Sim’s : Social is announced. The game will be for Facebook.

4:12PM – Reckoning is now being revealed. Trailer is being shown, seems to be a toned-down Elder Scrolls RPG. Release date is 2012.

4:14PM – Overstrike is announced. First multi-platform game from Insomniac Games. From the trailer shown, the game carries a slight cartoon-ey art style with mix of realism. Looks to be fun shooter with special moves like electricity through your hands.

4:21PM – Battlefield 3 trailer now being shown. Will feature the Frostbite 2 engine. Gameplay video’s being shown. Graphics look great with slight destructible environments which is appreciated. Battlelog service now announced which will aggregate all players into one area where they will be able to play multiplayer and have tournaments. Open beta will take place in September. Live gameplay is now being shown. User is in a tank and is traveling through the battlefield attacking other opposing tanks and buildings, graphics look amazing! Release date is October 25 2011.

That concludes the EA Press Conference. Not many new announcements but always nice to see a video with all the other highly-anticipated titles.

Check back at 5:30PM for the Ubisoft Press Conference and at 8:00PM for the Sony Press Conference which we all have live blogs for also.

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