Sony PS Vita – $249.99 WiFi Only And $299.99 WiFi/3G Model

Sony has just announced the price for the highly anticipated PS Vita, the official name to the NGP. The Vita will be available in two models. The WiFi only model will be priced at $249.99, while the WiFi with 3G model at $299.99. Sony will release the various 3G partner for each geographic region in the near future.

Sony is playing very aggressively by pricing the entry level model with the 3DS. This move will surely move many units with those that were on the fence or those that were even thinking about purchasing a 3DS. With the amount of power and features included within the Vita, we’re sure Sony is taking a loss. However, similar to the PS3 at launch Sony plans on recovering the loss with the sales of accessories and software.

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