Exclusive: Samsung Galaxy S II Landing On Bell July 14th

Looks like Samsung is moving up the launch date for the Galaxy S II from our previously expected release date in August. Thanks to one of our sources, we can now confirm that the Galaxy S II will be officially released by Bell on July 14th, 2011. While we were certain Samsung’s flagship phone will be heading to all the major carriers in Canada, this is the first official leak of an exact release date. News of the launch date for Rogers and Telus is sure to follow suit. Check out the review here.

Ready to lineup? I know we are.

More pictures after the break.

Update: (July/12/2011) News has reached us about an impending delay, pushing the release date back a week to July 21st.

Update: (June/30/2011) We have received pricing information regarding the Galaxy S II, check it out here.

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19 Responses to Exclusive: Samsung Galaxy S II Landing On Bell July 14th

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  2. .eter says:

    Hoping it comes to Mobilicity/Wind soon as well.

  3. Someone says:

    no way man is this legit???!!!! I’ve been waiting for this phone to hit Canada since forever!!!
    This isnt photoshopped right??

  4. Shan Khabra says:

    Does anyone know if Bell is planning to have the physical home key?

  5. suspence says:

    any word of this phone coming to Rogers?

  6. No word yet, but I’m certain it will be on Rogers in around the same time frame.

    Check back here as more news unfolds.

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  8. Someone says:

    Hmmm is it just me or did this post got bumped up. I thought there was some new updates or something lol..

  9. pjamies says:

    How about Telus …
    If this is true I am happy I did not buy this phone yet,
    as you can buy it at Pacific Mall in Toronto for $690.00
    unlocked ..
    Thanks for the update … I hope it is True !!

  10. horusray says:

    I cried a little inside because we’re not getting any LCD/Tegra 2 variants. Tears of joy… I’m so happy and excited now. Can’t wait!

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  12. Jenn says:

    Hope it’s not July 14th, 2012…

  13. Alex Davey says:

    july 14? that really close… why haven’t they announced it so it can build hype? makes me doubt it’ll actually happen on this date. what do you think?

    • Fred says:

      Well they are saying that they might not have the required numbers available to be shipped at the moment.. So building hype might not be the best idea right now. Besides, this way only serious buyers who have been patiently waiting for this phone to be released will have a better chance at getting one. :)

  14. bob says:

    US companies have negotiated their way into oblivion.
    No soup for us.

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