10″ PlayBook Cancelled in Favour of BlackBerry ‘Superphone’

Following the mildly successful PlayBook that launched in April was a suggested improved 10″ model set for a Holiday 2011 release. The 10″ model was said to be slightly thinner, feature 4G and WiFi capbilities, and be available in multiple colours. Unfortunately, rumour has it that RIM has decided against the release of the 10″ model in favour of focusing on the production for a QNX powered BlackBerry ‘Superphone’. QNX is the same technology behind the PlayBook, so the transition of current resources from the ill-fated 10″ PlayBook to the new ‘Superphone’ would not go in vain.

The new ‘Superphone’ is rumoured to feature a single-core 1.2GHz processor, similarly found in the Bold 9900, a 900+ pixel screen resolution, and a 4.3″ capacitive touch screen. A dual-core option was dismissed at the moment due to large battery consumption, but with ever increasing technological advances along with reduced material costs, adding an extra core is still a possibility. No further information including name and additional specifications has been released at the moment.

Do we think that a new BlackBerry with a fresh OS will reignite consumer love for RIM and even return them back to the top of the market? I personally believe the once indestructible Blackberry market will slowly dwindle with the open-source Android juggernaut picking up the pieces. It seems the once tycoons of the telecom industry now seems desperate to put out the Blackberry possible and their determination is admirable. However there seems to be no stopping the continuous growth of the Android market when you consider number of devices being released this year and those being announced for the future. RIM needs to definately shake things up and just maybe the adoption of a QNX based operating system will be just the thing to do it.

Let us know what you think of RIM’s decision in our comments section below.

Source N4BB
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