3D TVs Provide Co-operative Multi-Player With a Full Screen Experience For Both

For those who play cooperative games regularly, this ingenious idea is a perfect solution if both players want to enjoy a full TV experience at the same time. The video creator has put together this video to show that Sony’s recently announced 3D TV, at this year’s E3 event, is not the first of its kind. Follow us after the break for an in-depth look as well as which TVs to look out for.

The TV you require is one that uses Passive, or Cinema, 3D. To put it in layman’s terms this is the same 3D experience you find at your local theater. This means you can use the same glasses that are given out for each movie, so if you can remember to save your glasses and bring them to other 3D movies, you will have yourself a free 3D glasses supplier for your home entertainment system.

Now to move onto the co-operative gaming aspect of the TV. The glasses contain a different polarized filters for each eye, which enables you to see the “depth” effect. Now if you were to seperate two pairs of movie theater glasses, re-attach them so the right eye lenses from both glasses are together, and the same done for the key eye, you will have created what is essentially Sony’s new 3D multi-player solution. If you and a friend eye to use these glasses, equipped with a Passive 3D capable TV of course, both viewers will see two different images on the same full-screen display.

I won’t keep you too much longer since if you’veb read this far you will probably be wanting to go out and pickup one these TVs right away. So I will list the known passive TVs below, in order to make your purchase that much more impulsive.

Toshiba 32TL515U 32-Inch LED - 240Hz

LG Infinia 47LW5600 47-Inch LED 120Hz

LG Infinia 55LW5600 55-Inch LED 120Hz

LG Infinia 55LW6500 55-Inch LED 240Hz

Panasonic VIERA TC-P50GT25 50-inch Plasma

VIZIO XVT3D650SV 65-Inch LED 120Hz

VIZIO XVT3D474SV 47-Inch LED LCD 480Hz

VIZIO E3D470VX 47-Inch LED LCD 120Hz

VIZIO XVT3D554SV 55-inch LED 480Hz

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