Google Releases Nexus S Bug ‘FIX’, Replaces Old Bug With A New Tethering Bug Instead

Since the launch date of the Nexus S more and more users have been pouring in with reports that the Voice Search Capacitive Button found on the bottom of the Nexus S essentially activates on its own and at times can cause the device to lock up. Different users have gotten different results and even different variations of the issue, such as other buttons having the bug. The bug has forced many users onto 2G networks as a resolution. Well, most users who found themselves on the Bell or Telus networks didn’t have that option,  rendering the device useless when the bug became active.

Well after months of forum posting and even reaching out to Global News, the community has finally gotten the fix from Google. Or so it seemed. The patch updates the device Android 2.3.6, Baseband I9020AUCKF1, Build Number GRK39C. It also brings another crippling bug. It appears the update causes the wireless tethering feature to cause the device to lose network connectivity. All users have been reporting this same issue.

For those willing to make the change and have trouble finding the update, try this method:

Type in *#*#CHECKIN#*#*  into the phone call menu (the letters represent the corresponding numbers, so *#*#2432546#*#* ). This should bring up a “checkin succeeded” notification and follow up with the update.

For those with rooted phones and custom ROMs, this will not provide you with the update, and unfortunately you will need to roll back to the vanilla ROM to receive the “FIX”.

Google has yet to respond to this new problem but we will keep you posted on what comes next. For those desperately needing a fix to their search button issue, try and hold out a bit longer as Google will be releasing an update to fix all the newly affected users with this current bug. We just hope Google puts a little more time into their Q.A. for the next patch…

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Live Action Portal Movie Anyone? Say Hello To Portal: No Escape

Fan films have taken a giant leap in recent years especially with the help of Youtube. This video gives us a taste of what a Portal movie might look like…and it looks AWESOME. We hope for great things coming from the director of the film, Dan Trachtenberg, as he has captured the essence of the games in this short clip.

Catch the video after the break.

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Super Mario Bros. + P0rtal = The Next Great Thing, Dubbed Mari0

This awesome collaboration of titles poses an even greater question…What Else Can Benefit From Portal Guns? I for one would enjoy seeing all things with a touch of Portal; God of Portal, Legend of Portal, Gears of Portal… It’s safe to say if you haven’t been playing the latest Valve developed title Portal 2, these jokes and possibly the video might go right over your head.

Via Joystiq
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Rogers’ Toronto LTE SpeedTest Results Have Arrived, Most Impressive!

Just this morning, Rogers announced that Toronto will be the next city to receive the LTE treatment starting September 28th. With LTE promising theoretical speeds of upto 150Mbps download and 70Mbps upload, consumers are in for a treat! In a small media briefing, Rogers demonstrated a live speedtest of the LTE network in Toronto reaching speeds of 98Mbps down and 32Mbps up . While the speeds may seem very high, do not forget this does not reflect real world results, partly due to the fact that the network is unavailable to any customers at this time and therefore shows inflated results.

Video courtesy of HowardForums.

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Nexus S Search Button Bug To Receive A Resolution

If you own a Nexus S and have experienced the ‘Search Bug’ issue then it needs no introduction, but for those who have not followed this issue from its inception please read our first post. Continue after the break for the developments and video from a segment on Global News covering this problem.

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Rogers To Launch LTE Service in Toronto on September 28th

Rogers announced today that the next city following Ottawa to receive LTE will be Toronto. The date for the launch is currently set at September 28th, 2011. While the only LTE-capable device currently available to Canadian consumers is the Sierra Wireless LTE Rocket Stick, Rogers confirmed that 4 more LTE devices will be available by year’s end. The devices include: Samsung Galaxy S II LTE smartphone, a Sierra Wireless LTE mobile hotspot, an LTE tablet (most likely the recently announced Galaxy 8.9 LTE Tab), and an HTC LTE smartphone.

Stay tuned for more details including coverage maps as the launch approaches.

Source CNW
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Nintendo Equips Gamers with Special Wiimote with Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Bundle

The day to Skyward Sword’s release is slowly approaching and Nintendo sure knows how to create additional excitement over a product. Revealed today, Skyward Sword will be available at your local retailer on November 20th in two SKU’s. As one can guess the first SKU, priced at $49.99, will be the standalone game while the more sought after SKU, priced at $69.99, will be a bundle which includes the game, a limited edition golden Wiimote with Zelda decals, and The Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary Symphony Concert music CD.

Which will you preorder/buy? Let us know in the comments.

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Samsung Reveals ChatOn Cross-Platform IM Service

Samsung is planning on entering the IM market with a service called ChatON. The new service is set to be unveiled during IFA this week. ChatON will be available on all the major mobile OS’s including iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone 7, and even Samsung’s own Bada OS. Similar to the likes of WhatsApp, users will be able to text, shares videos, audio, images, and even user-created animations with one another or even in groups. Visually, the application is reflective of Samsung’s own TouchWiz User Interface which can be found on all the Galaxy S devices. ChatON is slated to be available next month in more than 120 countries and 62 different languages.

Source SammyHub
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How Is Your HP Touchpad Search Going Along?

HP shocked the community when they announced on Friday that they were going to discontinue webOS development. While the news saddened current webOS enthusiasts worldwide, it also brought a positive point for consumers. HP announced a tremendous price drop on the Touchpad tablets which had not even been on the market for 2 months. HP priced the 16GB and 32GB tablets at $99 and $149, respectively. Those prices alone transformed a seemingly dead item onto the top of many consumers’ must have lists.

Many online retailers began receiving hundreds, if not thousands, of orders of the now rare tablet. After the large influx of orders, many retailers began sending cancellation notices because of insufficient stock. A couple of small online dealers offered the HP Touchpad at the new discounted price over the weekend which in turn caused many of their web sites to crash due to the influx of user page views and orders. At this moment, no retailer in Canada has any stock remaining based off of information gathered.

Our search, like many, has not gone too well. Serge ordered 2 units through Staples online only to receive cancellation notices a day later. We also have another order from DirectDial that is currently on hold but looks promising.

We will update our journey as time goes on.

Let us know in the comments section below on how your search is going and if you’ve managed to score a unit.

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3D TVs Provide Co-operative Multi-Player With a Full Screen Experience For Both

For those who play cooperative games regularly, this ingenious idea is a perfect solution if both players want to enjoy a full TV experience at the same time. The video creator has put together this video to show that Sony’s recently announced 3D TV, at this year’s E3 event, is not the first of its kind. Follow us after the break for an in-depth look as well as which TVs to look out for.

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The Blackberry Curve Touch 9380 Stands Up To Its Torch 9860 Brother In This Hands-On Video

The previously rumored Blackberry 9380, codenamed Orlando/Malibu, gets caught on camera showing off its miniature figure next to its older brother, the Blackberry Torch 9860. Video and specs after the break.

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