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Barnes and Noble Reveal New Touch-Enabled Nook

Barnes and Noble announced today their new updated version of the e-ink reading platform, the Nook. The new Nook has undertaken a large design overhaul compared to the original Nook. The new device does not contain a predominant e-ink display … Continue reading

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New Barnes and Noble eReader Announcement on May 24th

According to a SEC federal filing by Barnes and Noble, the book retailer is planning on announcing a brand new eBook reader to the mass market. It is unclear by the filling if the new eReader will replace any of … Continue reading

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Android’s Dolphin Browser HD

The Android OS has many alternative browsers that provide their own special features to differentiate themselves from one another. Dolphin Browser HD is one of these alternatives and we believe it provides the best experience in the Android line-up.

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What Can Your Nook Color Do For You? Part 2

I assume you followed Part 1 of our Tutorial to get the Nook rooted. With the rooted state that the Nook is in right now, you have access to the Market and a variety of other Google apps that were … Continue reading

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Nook Color Review

The Nook Color is a tablet e-reader and available for purchase from any Barnes and Noble (U.S. only). You wouldn’t think an e-reader and especially one from a book store, would pack such a punch as the Nook. This tablet … Continue reading

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What Can Your Nook Color Do For You? Part 1

The following instructions will give you full access to your Nook Color’s properties. This includes over clocking the device, making it faster and more responsive, and allowing more you to install the newest Android OS as they become available.

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